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Versions: 120V/208V/240V / 240V / 277V / 347V / 480V

ILUMINAR Lighting proudly presents our Industrial DE fixture with UNISTRUT, now giving the commercial facility a whole new level of control and management of their lighting.   The ILUMINAR DE with UNISTRUT fixture was designed to offer the same quality and performance that certain European and USA manufacturers like to boast about, however, we prefer to make these all standard features. In addition, we have included a few more like a die-cast case, Wieland plug and of the reliability of ILUMINAR.


The ILUMINAR DE 1000W UNISTRUT fixture comes with a choice of either the ILUMINAR 1000W DE Lamp or the HORTILUX 1000W DE Lamp as a part of the package, giving you the option of what emitter will work best for your facility


ILUMINAR 1000W UNISTRUT Fixture is beyond even our standard commercial fixture. We upgraded the extruded case to a die-cast case with a Wieland connector and UNISTRUT built into the mold. The more substantial fins on the case allow for more efficient cooling in environments that have a significant amount of heat generating fixtures.



-Microprocessor Driven  

-End of Lamp Life (EOL)  

-Open Circuit Protection  

-Ignition Failure Protection  

-Thermal Sensing Protection


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