Grow Room Accessories

From Hanging Equipment to DE Lamp Covers, ILUMINAR Lighting is your one-stop shop for all of your grow room lighting needs. 

  • Constructed with high quality blast & shatter resistant materials 

  • ANSI Standard

  • Can be repeatedly cleaned and reused

  • Can be used with HPS, MH, and CMH Lamps

  • Fully Compliant to Good Production Practices Cannabis Regulations from Health Canada section


The ILUMINAR Double Ended (DE) Lamp Glass Shield is engineered to give single jacket Double Ended lamps a second layer of protection.

This DE lamp cover is a shield that protects from lamp failure and can be cleaned repeatedly and reused from one lamp to its replacement. 

Our proprietary DE lamp glass shield is made using only the highest quality, commercial-grade borosilicate glass for maximum protection while maintaining the same PAR spectrum levels.


Designed for High Ceilings with a narrow focused pattern of light around the 8’ to 10’ area.

Deep Reflector

The ILUMINAR Deep reflector allows the fixture to be further from the top of the canopy and focus more essential PAR light to the plants.


  • German Aluminum material

  • 96% Reflectivity

  • High Ceiling mounting, ideal for warehouse

  • Designed to penetrate 10’ above canopy

  • Easy to install, no tools required


Wide Reflector

The ILUMINAR Wide Reflector allows fixtures to be mounted closer to the top of the canopy and is designed for lower ceilings.


  • German Aluminum material

  • 96% Reflective

  • Allows for low canopy mounting

  • Clearance to plant canopy below 5’

  • Easy to install, no tools required

The reflector was designed for low clearance environments with a wider light pattern of 36” to 48” spread over the garden.


Horizontal DE

IL Horizontal DE Lamp Fixture 315-1000W
Vertical DE 
ILUMINAR Vertical Fixture.png



Rope Ratchets

Heavy Duty Light Fixture Hanger

ILUMINAR Super Heavy Duty Light Fixture 1/8"



Attach the carabiner clip to secure your fixture, and pull tight to lock into place at your desired height. Our metal gears won’t break or slip, and will not rust. Heat and Cold Temperature Resistant.  


The ILUMINAR C-Hangers Hanging Kits are easy to install as well as UNISTRUT compatible. 


This mounting hardware is the fastest and most affordable solution to your commercial UNISTRUT grow room.


ILUMINAR Lighting has a wide selection of DE and LED power cords and accessories.


Choose from a variety of cables - from power cables to daisy chain cables, and more. 

ILUMINAR DE Fixture 600W 120 240V with i


The Hanging Cable Kit from ILUMINAR Lighting is a set of fully adjustable, galvanized steel aircraft cable hangers. Measuring 5 feet (120 inches) in length with a width of 1/16th inch, these cables can be used to suspend LED or DE horticultural lights. Kit includes two cables with 18 inch "Y" bottom legs and a Kwik Lock for adjusting the loop over a structure.

Hang your horticultural lights safely and securely with only the best materials selected by ILUMINAR Lighting.

•  2.0mm diameter

•  5 feet (120 inches) in length

•  Kgs of working load support: 22 kgs

•  Lbs of working load support: 48.5 Lbs

•  18 inch "Y" legs

•  Kwik Lock

•  Use with 2 Cables: 97lbs of support

•  Use with 4 Cables: 194lbs of support

•  Breaking Strength of one single steel cable 390 kg*

WARNING: Breaking strength should never be considered the rope's working load. Safety factor 5:1.

Environmental Sensor
Power Relay Cable
Iluminar Service Guarantee 2 copy (1).pn



We are one of the only companies that can guarantee to be at your location within 6-24 hours to assist you.



Toll Free: 1-877-540-5588


We know there are several horticultural lights on the market to choose from, but we stand behind our products and the quality that can only come from a trusted brand in the horticultural industry like ILUMINAR.