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Horizontal DE


The ILUMINAR Lighting reflectors are made with only the highest quality German materials that guarantee maximum uniformity for your garden. Installed horizontally, it helps to hang the fixture higher and save more space.

IL Horizontal DE Lamp Fixture 315-1000W

The ILUMINAR Lighting Horizontal DE Reflector

Maximum Uniformity
Due to the high quality German materials and design of the ILUMINAR Lighting Deep reflector, you are guaranteed the highest levels and uniformity for your garden. Swap with the ILUMINAR Lighting Wide reflector for lower clearance grow rooms.

Rugged Design

Made of a coated, die-cast aluminum the reflector bracket is stable and durable, made for a life-long of trouble-free use.

Replaceable Reflector

All our reflectors are easy to replace, guaranteeing the optimal performance of your equipment and prolonging the life of our investment. Due to grow room conditions, we recommend replacing your reflector every year. Do not attempt to clean the reflector, as the process of cleaning will damage the reflectivity of the reflector.

Roll Lock Technology

Includes the ILUMINAR Lighting proprietary single-handed “roll lock” socket for our fixtures - that means simple, one-handed lamp installation. No more dropped bulbs!

Compatible with:

• Remote CMH DE Ballast 630
• Remote Ballast HPS / MH
• DE HPS 1000W Lamp
• DE HPS 750/600W Lamp
• DE CMH 630W Lamp
• DE MH 1000W Lamp


One-Hand Installation -- All ILUMINAR Lighting's HID line now come with a single-handed “Roll-lock” socket installation, which means a simple, one-handed install.

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