We always strive to deliver the best product possible and will do our best to make sure you are always satisfied. The following is a general set of warnings and basic guidelines for your product. Always have an expert(s) install your fixtures when possible.


1ST DO NOT DISPOSE OF ORIGINAL PACKAGING—All returns will need to be in the original Iluminar packaging in order to avoid product damage during shipping. Any damage to products not in their original packaging will not be covered under warranty.


  • SAFETY FIRST! Failure to observe the following safety warnings and or instructions may result in serious injury. In addition, failure to follow these safety warnings can/will result in a waiver of all liabilities and will void all warranties.




  • If the  lamp is damaged in any way( cracks, loose internal connections), replace lamp immediately.

  • When changing out the Lamp, make sure that the lamp has time to cool before touching.

  • Make sure to wear proper gloves to protect from the transfer of oil from the skin to the lamps glass surface.

  • Make sure lamp is correctly locked into the socket, properly securing the lamp.

  • Make sure power cord and lamp cord are connected properly.

  • Disconnect power before changing the lamp.

  • DO NOT support the ballast by power or the lamp cord, it is not designed to hold weight

  • DO NOT make any contact with the interior of the socket while power is on, ever.

  • DO NOT operate the Iluminar DE systems in wet or damp conditions above 60% humidity

  • DO NOT plug system into untested or unidentified voltage other than what is designated on ballast.

  • DO NOT attempt to rewire, alter, modify or reconfigure your system. If done, it will void warranty and could cause serious safety hazards. It may cause bodily injury or death as this is a high amperage or voltage electrical device.  (e.g. power cord, lamp cord, lamp socket or ballast).

  • Keep away from children.

  • DO NOT submerse in water or splash water on the unit.

  • DO NOT use this with a flip or switch box system, it will void the warranty.

  • DO NOT plug or unplug the lamp cord while the ballast is connected to power.



240V WIRING - VERY IMPORTANT! All digital ballasts may malfunction if the 240V circuit has a neutral. The input for the ballast is 2 HOT WIRES and 1 GROUND WIRE. If you are using a light controller ONLY bring a ground wire and two hot leads from your electrical panels.


Check electrical panel to ensure proper voltage is available for the number of fixture installed. Panels should only support a total voltage of 80% of its capacity. (100 amp panel should never exceed 80 amps)


If and when possible have an electrician or electrical expert install all fixtures or aid in the electrical layout plans and/or diagrams prior to installation.


Prior to plugging power into unit, install Iluminar DE lamp into the fixture, be sure to wear proper gloves when handling the lamp. When mounting the lamp to the dual ended sockets, make sure the wires are not frayed and are securely in the connection sockets. Make sure both sockets slide back and lock the lamp into position. Repeat for the opposite side. Lamp should not move freely once locked in on both sides.


Use a hand level on the reflector to make sure the fixture is level to the ground. An unlevel fixture can burn the Lamp emitter incorrectly leading to shorter lamp life, poor lamp performance and lamp failures.  Once the lamp is installed and the fixture is level, plug the main power cord into the fixture, and the fixture can now except power. IMPORTANT, ON FIRST STRIKE a lamp must run for a minimum for 3 hours before shutting down.


HOT RE-STRIKE - It is VERY IMPORTANT that the lamp is given adequate time to cool down before it is reignited. You should allow a hot lamp to cool for 20-30 minutes before you try to re-strike it. Hot re-strikes cause permanent lamp failure and lumen output degradation. Additionally, the lamp should never be turned off before the lamp reaches full intensity, this may shorten its lifespan

NOTE - Until the lamp has achieved at least 10 hours of operation, the lamp should never be turned off sooner than 2 minutes. In cases where this happens you need to wait 1 hour before switching the lamp on again.


LAMP REPLACEMENT - Be sure to disconnect the power source before changing lamps. Always use 1000w ILUMINAR DE lamps.


MOUNTING LOCATION - DO NOT install ballasts in areas of high heat, such as an attic, tent or a closed closet. Mount units at least 24-60 inches apart. If a unit has any leaking fluid of any type, please relocate to a cooler area or place a fan near the ballasts.


TIMER BOX - If you are connecting a 120V / 240V DE Fixture to a timer box, please make sure that it cuts off both legs when timer is switched off. If you continue to supply 120V/ 240V to your ballast when the timer is switched off, it may damage your ballast.


“FLIP BOX” or “SWITCH BOX” -  Do not ever connect a DE Fixture (ballast) to a Flip Box, as it can overload and cause electrical failure within the DE Ballast. Flip or Switch Boxes are not recommended for any DE units or for any high wattage ballast. If it is found a Flip or Switch Box was used it will void your warranty.


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