Are ILUMINAR LED Lights Controllable?

Yes, most of our models are 0-10V controllable with our HASH controller and the new and improved touch+ controller ( to be released soon). Please see our Support Page and view our Automated Control Systems for further compatibility.

Are ILUMINAR LED Lights Dimmable?

All our Full Spectrum LED are dimmable you do not need to adjust the height, this is the main purpose of dimmable series. Our Veggie & Bloom LED are of a smaller wattage and there is no reason for dimming

How are ILUMINAR LED Lights Cooled?

Our LEDs are Cooled with our extruded bar design and applies ambient room temperature to dissipate thermal energy away from the LED diode.

How are ILUMINAR LED Lights better for the environment?

ILUMINAR LED light produces less thermal heat as they do not capture as much heat like traditional Lamp and reflector units do, hence creating less environmental changes while operating.

How many ILUMINAR LED Grow Lights per sq. ft?

Our iL8x covers aprox 25 sqft when used with other iL8x's, but 16 sqft when operating alone. Our iL1 can cover 25 sqft to 36 sqft depending on the mounting height and required umols

Do ILUMINAR LED Lights run hot?

No, with the unique design of our LED bars and the power box, the ILUMINAR LEDs run considerably cooler than other styles of lighting

Do ILUMINAR LED Lights Produce UV?

Yes and No, so traditionally LEDs produce very little UV, but only ILUMINAR offers a optional UV Spectrum that can add UV light to your FGS (FULL GROW Spectrum). A first for the LED Market.

What type of plugs are available with ILUMINAR LED lights?

We offer plug sets for 120-240-277-247-480V. We offer both a 120v and 240v style plugs for our units. We can also offer a 3 wire whip for custom plug or hard wiring options. For the iLi6 we have Cable Logic cords.

What is μmol?

μmol or μmol/s or μmol/j are scientific ways pf measuring substances like light. Micromoles per second (μmol/s) or Micromole per joule (μmol/j) are other measurements using the measured substance (like light) based against time related or measured against energy used to create the substance measured.

What is PPFD?

Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density or PPFD is a photon density measurement that takes the range of visible light (400-700nm) in a given measured area. It is a baseline rating used to determine the value of artificial lights, today. Not to say there are not other measurements that can be used and may give different results. PPFD does not measure UV or light waves past 700nm.

What is PPF?

Photosynthetic Photon Flux Is the photon measurement without the measurement of density specifically to a given area, like PPFD gives.

What is PAR?

PAR is photosynthetic active radiation, that is specifically related to visible light that can be directly linked to photosynthesis in plants. Its important to remember that this measurement also only uses visible light to measure against and nothing outside of 400-700 nanometers.

What is CRI?

Color Rendering Index is a quantitative standard of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully compared with an ideal or natural light source.

What light is the best spectrum for plants?

Ideally the best light is full spectrum, similar to the sun. But in some cases you want different amounts of certain types of light. It will differ for your growing situation. Some situations full spectrum is ideal, other situations like flowering stages a more red spectrum like HPS lamps produce are more desirable. Every situation in a garden is different, contact an ILUMINAR sales consultant today to help determine what light is best for your situation.

What LED diodes the ILUMINAR LED grow lights use?

We use SMD chips manufactured by Osram and Samsung.