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A win win for greenhouse and indoor growers

Seamless integration, reduced energy costs, increased productivity, and improved crop quality all stack up to absorb capital expenditure in just a few crop cycles. Growers also benefit from the vastly improved spectral quality as well as ILUMINAR Lighting's commitment to unparalleled customer service and support.

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Controllable, Reliable, and Compatible

The iLogic™121 works with the majority of 0-10V lighting controllers on the market (including ILUMINAR Lighting's Touch+ Controller) allowing cultivators to enjoy 10 to 100% dimming functionality as well as complete control over photoperiod including sunrise and sunset settings.


Built to excel even in the toughest cultivation environments, the iLogic™121 is IP65 rated for protection against dust ingress and water projected from foliar sprayers.



Grow Beyond PAR

The iLogic™121 delivers a carefully balanced, plant-usable spectrum deep into the canopy. Both spectrums have been designed to support full lifecycle plant development and maximum productivity in high and super-high Daily Light Integral (DLI) plant species.


Consuming just 780 watts, the iLogic™121 easily outperforms similar “HPS replacement” LED fixtures on the market with superior output, spectral quality, and efficiency. The addition of UV and Far-Red promotes stronger, healthier plants with more flower sites and increased production of essential oils.

  • Wattage: 780W

  • Longer Lifespan: 50,000 hours

  • 22% reduction in energy consumption


iLogic ePar spectrum 2022.png

Full Spectrum

The World’s Most Advanced HPS Replacement LED

Designed for straightforward and easy installation within existing HPS lighting plans, the iLogic™121 represents so much more than a simple 1-to-1 HPS replacement for greenhouse and indoor growers.


While it perfectly matches the footprint and hanging height of legacy 1000W DE-HPS grow lights, the iLogic™121 offers a range of exciting new benefits for cultivators.

  • Wattage: 780W

  • PPF: 2100 µmol/s 

  • Efficacy: 2.7µmol/J

  • Dimming: 0-10V

  • Longer Lifespan: 50,000 hours

  • 32% reduction in energy consumption



1-to-1 replacement for a 1000W HPS

Save Electricity Costs by 15%


Able to grow full cycle without changing fixture

15-20% Reduced BTUs


Benefits of
Growing with UV

  • Promote stronger, healthier seedlings / cuttings during propagation and early vegetative growth

  • Help to counteract the stretching effect of red and far-red

  • Create a more inhospitable environment for pests, molds, and other pathogens

  • More closely replicate the native spectral diet of higher altitude plant species

  • Take crop quality to the next level by stimulating increased production of secondary metabolites including flavonoids, stilbenes, and other quality-enhancing compounds

  • Enhance photosynthetic efficiency when supplied in conjunction with PAR

Benefits of
Growing with Far-Red

  • Quicken the transition from vegetative development to generative production

  • Boost production of secondary metabolites including terpenes and essential oils

  • Promote increased flower size and density

  • Enhance photosynthetic efficiency when supplied in conjunction with PAR


At ILUMINAR Lighting, we stand behind our products and our technology as well as our customers.

All ILUMINAR Lighting LED fixtures are backed by our 5-Year Guarantee.

Learn more.


iLogic8 Grow Lighting

Enjoy all the benefits of full spectrum & UV+Far-Red lighting without sacrificing efficiency. The iLogic™8 LED family delivers deep, penetrating light intensity along with industry-leading uniformity over a square 4’ x 4’ footprint. Optimized for the most demanding floriculture applications, the iLogic™8 is designed to scale up with ease as your operation grows, offering unbeatable reliability, longevity, and performance. Learn more.

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