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Trial a selected list of High-Quality ILUMINAR Lighting products

Welcome to ILUMINAR Lighting, where we offer you the opportunity to trial a selected list of our high-quality grow lights.

We understand that investing in grow lights requires trust and assurance, which is why
we want to give you the chance to experience the power and technology of our products firsthand before making a decision. Transparency is at the core of our commitment to you.


Choose from our selection and find the perfect fit for your indoor growing needs.

Expanding the potential of indoor grow lighting is our passion.

That's why we are excited to introduce you to the iLogic8 UV + Far Red. With this cutting-edge product, your plants will benefit from the entire spectrum of light, not just what your eyes can see.

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Hear straight from the Pollen Nation Cultivation team on why they chose ILUMINAR Lighting’s iLogic™8 LEDs for their grow facility!

Energy-Efficient Cloning at Any Scale

If energy-efficient cloning is what you're after, look no further. Our LED Clone 18W twin pack (36W total) provides the perfect solution for consistent canopies, crop quality, and productivity. Drive the success of your clones with these energy-efficient LED bars.


The Fast-Track to High Performance, Full Spectrum LED


For high-performance, full-spectrum LED lighting, we invite you to discover HYPERMOL™. After years of product development and refinement, HYPERMOL™ delivers a complete spectrum of light rich in both blue and red wavelengths. It's the ideal choice for the entire plant lifecycle.

HPS DE 1000W

The ILUMINAR Lighting 1000W DE HPS commercial fixture is a feature rich Double Ended High Pressure Sodium HID. Designed with a low shadow footprint for commercial reliability, the 1000W DE offers the most sophisticated technology in the market.

What is a Lighting Rebate & how can ILUMINAR Lighting help?

A lighting rebate is a program that allows you, the customer to receive an incentive on fixtures that meet certain energy-efficient criteria once you upgrade or start a new facility.

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Unlock The Full Potential of Your Plants

For growers who want to take crop quality to the next level, choosing a broader spectrum that incorporates both UV-A and far-red is a sure way to promote more branching, less stretching, and increased production of terpenes and essential oils.


Turbocharge Crop Quality and Productivity

Complementing full spectrum with UV-A and far-red, the iLogic™9 UV+Far-Red represents a long-awaited union between our most recent understanding in plant science and cutting-edge LED technology.

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