The 1st self-driving LED with a dedicated driver on each bar.

The new XLX LED is a revolutionary new LED in the indoor horticultural industry.

The XLX LED has individual bars of diodes that each have their own dedicated power source. This gives control back to the gardener to dial in any indoor or greenhouse crop with a unique spectrum and light intensity.



In the past, LEDs were created with one driver for the entire fixture, but now growers have the ability to fine-tune the output of each individual bar which opens up a vast new world of opportunities for indoor gardens, large and small, and offers a new way for gardeners to optimize their yield.


​“Our new XLX is a breakthrough that we’ve been developing over the last three years. We’re excited to announce the new technology for this fixture that is currently in beta testing in commercial facilities. It will be available to the mass commercial market in the fourth quarter.”


  • High efficacy (2.9 μmol/J) 

  • Zero fixture/lighting downtime

  • Up to 40% reduced HVAC requirement 

  • Full spectrum lighting solution

  • Long-term fixture upgrade ability for clients as LED technology improves

The XLX LED will be available for pre-booking in Q4 2019, just in time for the biggest growing expo in Las Vegas. 

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