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Give your plants the highest quality horticultural light available while minimizing energy consumption.

Cutting-edge Indoor LED Grow Lighting in Two Energy-Saving Formats

The iLogic™6 LED family uses the very latest high-efficiency diodes to cover a 4’ x 4’ footprint using just 330 watts! Its sleek design and IP66 connectivity makes it ideal for both single and multi-tier growing configurations.

iLogic ePar spectrum 2022.png

Compatible with ILUMINAR Lighting's Touch+ Controller and Dimmer Switch, cultivators enjoy the ease and simplicity to connect multiple fixtures using a single power cable with fewer cables.

Easier Maintenance

Inset diodes provide a smooth surface for easier and safer cleaning


High Efficiency Full Spectrum

Generates an incredible 924 μmol/s using just 330W with an efficacy of 2.8 μmol/J

Get Closer without Hotspots

Unique diode layout gives a uniform 4’ x 4’ footprint a minimum  8-12” distance from canopy

Fully Controllable

Dimmable using 0-10V controller

Enhanced Cooling Technology

Even more fins for silent and effective cooling


Unlock The Full Potential of Your Plants

For growers who want to take crop quality to the next level, choosing a broader spectrum that incorporates both UV-A and far-red is a sure way to promote more branching, less stretching, and increased production of terpenes and essential oils.


The iLogic™6 UV+Far Red fills the spectral gap that has persisted between legacy lighting technologies and LED. Plants grown under this enhanced full spectrum typically exhibit a marked increase in growth rates combined with increased flower site density and trichome development. The result is truly next level in terms of quantity and quality.

  • Wattage: 330W

  • ePAR: 945 µmol/s

  • ePAR Efficacy: 2.85 µmol/J

  • Color Temperature: 3300K

iLogic ePar spectrum 2022.png

Power The Entire Plant Lifecycle Using Fewer Watts

The iLogic™6 Full Spectrum delivers a blue-rich, full spectrum light that’s perfect for growing or flowering plants. Rated for damp/wet conditions and offering industry-leading thermal management, the specially inset diodes are easy to clean and maintain.


Assemble and hang in minutes with ILUMINAR Lighting’s lightweight aluminum casing and four-point hanging system.


Growers love how easy it is to swap out individual light bars without taking the whole fixture out of service thanks to the “hot swap” easy release clips.

  • Wattage: 330W

  • PPF: 924 µmol/s

  • Efficacy:  2.8 µmol/J

  • Color Temperature: 4000K





  • 5-Year Warranty

  • Dimming: 0-10V Controllable

  • Emitter Cooling: Passive / Extruded Case

  • LED Lifespan (90% of Life): 50,000+ Hours

  • Minimum Mounting Height: 8”-12” to top of Canopy

  • Light Distribution:120º

  • Waterproof Rating: IP66 for Damp/Wet Conditions

  • Height: 124.3mm / 41.9" 

  • Width: 1002mm / 39.4"

  • Length: 1064mm / 41.9"

iLogic6 - Full Spectrum 0.5 ft clearance.jpg
iLogic6 - UV+Far Red 0.5 ft clearance.jpg


​1) Is Far-Red only useful just before lights out? 

iLogic6 | Growing with UV and Far-Red

Far-red radiation, when applied in isolation for 15 minutes before lights out, can be a useful cue for some plant species to start flowering, but it can also increase photosynthetic rates, flower sites, and flower density when applied with PAR light during the regular day cycle.

2) Is Far-Red only good for flowering?

Actually, far-red during the vegetative growth phase can encourage bushier plants with more flower sites, as well as stimulating faster growth. Click here to get updates.

3) Does UV light damage plants? 

UV is a broad category of radiation so it depends on what sort of UV is being referred to here. At the high energy end of the UV range (E-UV / X-UV, UV-C) UV can be very damaging to living cells. Fortunately for all living creatures here on Earth, the ozone layer protects us from these harmful photons emitted from the Sun.


A moderate amount of UV-A, when supplied in conjunction with PAR, can be beneficial. It can strengthen young plants, ward off pests and molds, encourage compact growth patterns, as well as stimulate the production of essential oils and terpenes. The iLogic6 Full Spectrum+UV+IR only emits this benign form of UV (UV-A, not UV-B or UV-C).


At ILUMINAR Lighting, we stand behind our products and our technology as well as our customers.

All ILUMINAR Lighting LED fixtures are backed by our 5-Year Guarantee.

Learn more.


iLogic8 Grow Lighting

Enjoy all the benefits of full spectrum & UV+Far-Red lighting without sacrificing efficiency. The iLogic™8 LED family delivers deep, penetrating light intensity along with industry-leading uniformity over a square 4’ x 4’ footprint. Optimized for the most demanding floriculture applications, the iLogic™8 is designed to scale up with ease as your operation grows, offering unbeatable reliability, longevity, and performance. Learn more.

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