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ILUMINAR Under Canopy 160W

Precision-Engineered to Elevate Growth

Our Under Canopy Light Delivers Targeted Brilliance, Nurturing Lower Leaves and Buds for Peak Plant Vitality!

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Specialized Under Canopy
Light for Dense Flowering

Stop leaving your crop’s potential in the shade! Now you can transform the untapped potential beneath your canopy into tangible results with Iluminar’s

superior subcanopy lighting technology. The Under Canopy Light is our purpose-built, super-efficient under canopy lighting solution, specifically targeting lower leaves and buds to boost plant health, harvestable biomass, and crop quality.

Energy Efficiency:

The Under Canopy Light has been engineered for maximum energy efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint while optimizing plant health. It precisely delivers light to exactly where it’s needed while 0-10V dimming gives growers fine-tuned light intensity control.

Durability Meets Design:

Housed in a robust yet sleek frame, this lighting solution withstands the rigors of daily use, blending seamlessly into your existing setup. Each fixture comes with a support stand to raise the fixture slightly for optimal placement. Rated IP65 to withstand humidity and water ingress from misters and irrigation.


Spectrum Balancing

FS Spectrum


A perfect companion for HPS and DE-HPS top lighting, our FS spectrum introduces additional yellow and green wavelengths, boosting photosynthesis, plant health, terpene profiles, as well as the development of
lower flowers.
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Photon efficacy: 2.8 µmol/J

PPF: 448 µmol/s

R Spectrum


Engineered for synergy with full-spectrum LED top lights, the R spectrum is rich in red for maximum under canopy photosynthetic efficiency, helping to turbocharge under canopy development.
LED Under Canopy-03.png

Photon efficacy: 3.0 µmol/J

PPF: 480 µmol/s



Under Canopy 160W


PPE: 2.8-3.0 μmol/J

PPF: 448-480 μmol/s

Input Voltage: 120-277V AC

Input Current: 0.58-1.33A


Length: 1150 mm / 45.3”
Width: 72 mm  / 2.8”
Height: 80 mm / 3.1”

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