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Dial in your garden like never before at the touch of a button, LED, MH, HPS, and CMH lamps - all on the same ILUMINAR Lighting Touch+ Controller. 

LED · CMH · HPS · MH · T5

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The ILUMINAR Lighting Touch+ Controller takes lighting to a level of simplicity that will allow any gardener to perfect their lighting schedule with just a few touches.

The ILUMINAR Lighting Touch+ Controller controls two zones or two separate rooms of grow lighting within a 24-hour cycle. The grow room controller turns groups of lights on and off to simulate sunrise and sunset for your plants as well as applying several other functions like overheat protection, all from an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. 

Not only can you control the lighting schedule, but the TOUCH+ Controller’s rich feature set will give indoor horticulturalists levels of control previously only available to the largest commercial facilities.

  • LED + CMH + HPS All From One Controller

  • Up to 120 Units, 60 fixtures per zone

  • Control 2 Independant Rooms

  • Sunrise / Sunset Effects

  • Dimming Features

  • Dual Temperature Zone input for High Heat Dimming

  • Dual Temperature Probe Inputs

  • Touch Screen Technology