Professional Grade Grow Light Systems

ILUMINAR Lighting has well over 20 years of experience in lighting and product development specifically designed for professional gardeners… it’s what we do.  


All living things need light – we offer the “right light” for making your plants grows strong and healthy… and like you, we know because we grow.




Lighting Solutions

ILUMINAR Lighting offers LED Solutions to fit every application, from large commercial spaces to home gardeners. Each iL Series LED Grow light delivers a tuned full spectrum, from 1 LED bar to 12, 40 watts to 1000 watts to deliver rich usable light to your plants. 

X Series LEDs

Original iL Series LEDs

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iLi Series

Commercial Grade Lamp


The ILUMINAR DE HPS Lamps are part of the Commercial Series, offering the most sophisticated technology on the market with the highest available PAR light output and increased spectrum. 

Now including our proprietary single-handed “roll-lock” socket for easy lamp changing, the DE HPS grow lights from ILUMINAR deliver the ultimate light output, superior uniformity and deeper canopy penetration.


Professional Grade Lamp



The ILUMINAR Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp is a natural white lamp light with a proprietary phosphor coating on the outside of the arc tube to provide you with the richest spectrum available. CMH Technology is designed to give you the proportions and quality you need from your crop.  


Professional Grade Lamps

The ILUMINAR DE Metal Halide delivers the latest in grow lamp technology to greenhouse lighting. Our double ended lamps have less than 5% degradation and significantly increased PAR light production compared to single-ended lamps, without consuming more energy.


The increased PAR creates larger plant mass, better seedling growth, taller plants, thicker stems, more dense flowering, additional terpene and essential oil production all enhanced by specific light colors.


Standalone Power Supply


ILUMINAR's CMH or LEC Technology is a cutting edge development in the indoor grow light industry, giving the grower more GPW than traditional lighting. Get even more options to customize your room to any specs that are needed.  


The new ILUMINAR Touch Controller takes lighting to a level of simplicity that will allow any gardener to perfect their lighting schedule with just a few touches. Control up to 60 fixtures per zone or room, with two channels you can control up to a total of 120 lights. 


Reflectors, Rope Ratchets and more




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