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Best LED Lighting for indoor plants and starting Seeds and Clones.

You’re ready to start some new seedlings. Your growing medium is selected, your nutrient regimen is planned out, and you’ve cleared out space in your indoor garden. All that’s left is the clone light. So, which type of LED is the best light for seedlings and clones?

Appropriate Horticultural Lighting Leads to Better Flowering.

Plants are able to tolerate low light conditions but giving your plants the appropriate amount of light leads to denser foliage and flowering.

Proper horticultural lighting is a crucial part of any serious plant cultivation. Diminished or lacking light results in a variety of undesirable occurrences in plants.

When suffering from light deficiency, chlorophyll production decreases, stems can overlengthen, and flowering is delayed or fails entirely.

These negative effects are most pronounced in high-light plants and can occur in the earliest stages of plant growth.

Artificial Indoor Grow Lighting can prevent these negative effects. Out of all the types of artificial horticultural lighting, LED Grow Lights are among the most popular.

They emit little heat, which prevents the soil or growing material from drying out and can be found in a wide variety of designs and specializations for each stage of plant growth, including LED light for clones and seedlings.

The ILUMINAR Lighting iLW LED light for clones and seedlings (available in 40W and 60W) and the 18W Clone LED Twin-Pack are two LED light fixtures from ILUMINAR Lighting that offer the best PPFD for seedlings and are engineered to emphasize early plant growth.

Specialized Clone Lights Designed for Boosting Early Plant Growth.

The ILUMINAR Lighting iLW is designed to jumpstart the growth of vegetative seedlings. Its slim design maximizes space, making it both an ergonomic and practical choice for growers.

Multiple iLW LEDs can be daisy-chained together to only use one outlet, reducing the number of cords cluttering up your indoor farm.

Two strengths of light are available: 40W and 60W, with each model having a respective PPF of 100 and 150 μmol/s. The 40W and 60W models are 47.2 inches long.

Since the iLW is specialized to start seedlings, it focuses on blue light, measured between 380 and 480 nm, which is beneficial for seeds starting and the early stages of plant growth.

For humid grow operations, the iLW family maintains an IP65 waterproof rating, has ETL, FCC, UL8800 and CE certification and is rated for 50,000 hours of use.

Check out the iLW LED lights for clones and seedlings and follow ILUMINAR Lighting for updates on the future of LED and full-spectrum lighting.

The LED Clone 18W Twin-Pack contains two energy-efficient LED bars that are tailored to boost early growth, making it a perfect indoor grow light for stem cuttings and seedlings.

Two bars come with each set, and each individual bar can illuminate two full-sized propagators or equivalent cloning machines.

Each bar is 112 cm long. Like the iLW, each clone bar maximizes blue light intensity to efficiently progress through early plant growth.

The 18W LED Twin Cloning Bars are perfect for multi-level cloning, use just 33% of the energy required by similar high-output T5 fluorescent tubes and have a P66 rating for use in wet environments.

They are rated for 54,000 hours of use and deliver a superior 9000K light spectrum, specially tailored to promote quick rooting, overall plant health, and vigorous early growth.

ILUMINAR Lighting makes specialized LED grow lights for indoor plants. The iLW series and the LED Clone 18W Twin-Pack are designed to maximize seedling and cutting growth, but they also offer horticultural lighting for all stages of plant growth.

Visit to learn more about their LED light for clones as well as other specialized LED lighting lines for vegetative, mothers and flowering stages.


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