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Cutting-edge Indoor LED Grow Lighting in Two Energy-Saving Formats.

Give your plants the highest quality horticultural light available while minimizing energy consumption. The iLogic™6 LED family uses the very latest high-efficiency diodes to cover a 4’ x 4’ footprint using just 330 watts! Its sleek design and IP66 connectivity make it ideal for both single and multi-tier growing configurations. Compatible with ILUMINAR Lighting’s Touch+ controller or our Dimmer Switch, cultivators enjoy the ease and simplicity to connect multiple fixtures using a single power cable.

Indoor growers have enjoyed a long relationship with Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)—the energy that drives photosynthesis. Learn more about ePAR, Click here

For growers who want to take crop quality to the next level, choosing a broader spectrum that incorporates both UV-A and far-red is a sure way to promote more branching, less stretching, and increased production of terpenes and essential oils. The iLogic™6 UV+Far Red fills the spectral gap that has persisted between legacy lighting technologies and LED. Plants were grown under this enhanced full spectrum typically exhibit a marked increase in growth rates combined with increased flower site density and trichome development. The result is truly the next level in terms of quantity and quality.

Visit to learn more about their LED light for clones as well as other specialized LED lighting lines for vegetative, mothers and flowering stages.


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